The Better to Hold You - Alisa Sheckley I'll review this book by responding to the negative reviews and just say that you can't have kick-ass heroines all the time.

I liked this book precisely because Abra was NOT. The foundation of this paranormal romance (and, yes, it IS a paranormal romance) of subjugated female really intrigued me because, 1. it's fairly unusual in PNR fiction and therefore refreshing, and 2. it resonates with an all too frequent scenario (without the paranormal elements) in real life, which makes it relatable. How often does that happen in PNR?

Abra DID escape that seemingly never-ending cycle and found her perfect soul mate and lover in Red.

And, well, Red isn't exactly your archetypal alpha male either, is he? His affinity with animals (OK, I'm a bit biased: I love owls) was heartening and the fact that although he was pretty damn hot, he wasn't perfect. I loved the way he cared about Abra without all the he-man baggage.

I'm really looking forward to being back with Abra and Red, and to further explore the fascinating Northside, in Moon Burn.