Undone Deeds - Mark Del Franco I love this series and I'm in love with Connor Grey. But to end a series with a book that seemed to me to be so disconnected from the previous books and to end the way it did has led to the HUGEST disappointment I've ever felt after having such amazing characters in my life for so long.

I HATE endings like this at the best of times. The last part of the book was just plain confusing for me. I actually skipped parts of it to get to something I could understand and relate back to Connor, Leo, Meryl and the other characters I'd grown so attached to. This book seemed to deviate very quickly from a true urban fantasy, which was the overall strength of the series IMO, to encompass a mish mash of fairy, mythology and everything in between. I wasn't expecting a mushy HEA, but I'm afraid I just didn't get the ending.